About Kolofon

We are focused on inspiring creativity and offering creators, curators, collectors and communities an incredible place to experiment and break the creative limits that NFTs (Non Fungible Tokens) technology offers.

NFTs are a new format of expression that is revolutionizing the cultural scene and is here to stay. We are at a point in art history where NFTs are attracting audiences from all cultural sectors, from famous artists and musicians, to brands and corporations around the world.

We are convinced that the possibilities of NFTs are colossal and it’s only the beginning of the road. Minting an NFT from a file with a collectible digital artwork is awesome, but it's a limited idea. The .jpg can contain amazing images but their interaction is very limited and boring. Artists need a new dimension of NFT technology that allows them to flow more freely. The potential of NFTs in the hands of creative minds is limitless.

Kolofon is a platform that offers a set of utilities for publishing advanced NFTs that allow artists and collectors to create new narratives with their works.

The platform uses some of the most common basic functions in the NFT markets, auctions, royalty, exchange, exploration... but this is insufficient. That's why we're going to offer a launchpad with state-of-the-art native features that will take NFTs to another level of possibilities for artistic expression.

Really useful, interactive and evolutionary NFTs with their own collectible economy.

What you will be able to experience in Kolofon will be very exciting. But what exactly are we talking about? Open your mind and read on.

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