NFTs that can own other NFTs with multiple resources

Imagine that an NFT is a room with multiple doors and your Bored Ape is in the center of the room. If it exits through the first door, its 2D image is shown in .jpg format. If it exits through the second door, its image is displayed in a 3D design compatible with the metaverses. And if it exits through the third door, it shows up as a design for a pair of sneakers. All files are contained in the same NFT. The great thing about this is that it allows new resources to be added to NFTs after they have been minted. They are NFTs upgradeable and this guarantees that any work can continue to evolve and adapt to new scenarios. For example, in a new update or a version in another format with a 3D aspect, the NFT holders can accept the new proposed resource. Once accepted, your NFT can be updated. These resources, being an NFT contained in another NFT, can also be transferred and generate an exclusive outfit market of your collection. A centralized service is no longer required to provide visual assets for a specific platform, interface, or metaverse. The NFT itself can contain it all: decentralized and permanent. These resources contained in the NFT can be available in several decentralized storage services at the same time. If one day it disappears from one server you can find it on another. For example they can be stored in SIA, Filecoin, Storj and IPFS. Through these 4 storage networks, it gains a redundancy that protects the artwork indefinitely.

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