How to participate in the whitelist:

We want a fair distribution strategy for the Kolossal collection. We will welcome as many holders as possible. For this reason, we will reserve some places for users or owners of some communities that we like.

Some addresses will directly receive a Kolossal:

  • 100 Kolossals will be airdropped to the top users of Creary.net. The 100 people with the most energized CREA (CGY) & reputation level at the moment of the screenshot. Coming Soon.

  • 111 Kolossals will be airdropped to the owners of a Stargazer Collection . The rarity of the Stargazer will be important to get a more exclusive Kolossal. Coming Soon.

The rest of the NFTs can be obtained in 2 release phases:

Who will enter directly on this list?

In the first phase, only people who have obtained a place on the whitelist will be able to participate. PHASE 1: Cyan Coming Soon

  1. Owners of a Stargazer (maximum 111 places)

  2. Owners of a Gromlin, Moonsam & Exosama who have interacted with their NFT in the last 3 months. (maximum 1000 places).

  3. Owners of a Kanaria RMRK who have interacted with their NFT in the last 3 months. (maximum 1000 places).

  4. Creary.net artists with the highest level of reputation on the platform (maximum 500 places).

  5. The community in Discord will be able to participate in different raffles to get a place (maximum 300 places).

  6. Giveaways on Twitter. (Maximum 400 places)

  7. First people to sign up for our newsletter (Maximum 500 places)

PHASE 2: Magenta Coming Soon Active artists and collectors in the last month in the following NFT markets: raresama.com superrare.co markersplace.com foundation.app knownorigin.io async.art artblocks.io rarible.com PHASE 3: Yellow Coming Soon Public phase. Anyone can buy a Kolossal up to 8888. … We are looking for new ways to distribute the rest of the places. Follow the project on our social networks to discover more opportunities.

3,888 Kolossals (of the 8,888) will be reserved for purchase in a public call that will be open to everyone.

The information in this section will be updated as we include new forms of participation.

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