🖖Kolossal Intro

Kolofon’s Initial Collectible Offering (KICO) The owners of these NFTs will be able to experience for the first time with all the functions and innovations that will later be implemented to the digital works published in the Kolofon app.

Kolossal is a collection of 8888 underground gods that can be dressed, equipped with offerings, accessories and other amazing items connected to the real world. Its owners, as Kolofon pioneers, will get multiple advantages on the platform: special NFTs, token airdrops, invitations, governance, reduced commissions for launching NFTs on Kolofon app and other additional great things that will be revealed as we go along.

Kolossal is a narrative journey based on dynamic NFTs that evolve over time. It all starts with a magical seed that will later germinate to show a unique god.

By obtaining a Kolossal, your opinion will count in the community and you will help guide the direction of the project and the development of this incredible story.

Reserve a privileged place on the whitelist to join this journey and make sure you will get a Kolossal!


KOLOFON is currently working on the final development of the interface of this incredible marketplace for the creation and distribution of advanced NFTs. At the same time we are creating KOLOSSAL, the platform's inaugural collection, which will be distributed through an initial offering of 8888 advanced NFTs. Join this journey by acquiring a unique Kolossal.

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